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What can 26% more do for your game?

By Admin, 09/14/17, 4:30PM CDT


Presented by 37.5® Technology

You know the stories – Tom Brady in Super Bowl LILeBron and Kyrie Irving in the 2016 NBA FinalsLandon Donovan vs. Algeria at the 2010 World Cup2015’s 2nd ‘Serena Slam,’ all unbelievable performances by athletes in un-winnable environments.

Work hard in the first three quarters and often you’ll come away the victor, but a few times a season, the only way to get the job done is to grind it out at the end. These opponents, the ones you circled on your calendar the day the schedule came out, won’t give up, and if you want to win, you’re going to need every extra percent of energy in your reserves.

What’s one way to find 26% more ability in your game so you can rise to the challenge in front of you? Managing your core temperature.

In a test performed at the University of Colorado Boulder that measured core body temperature in elite athletes, a shirt made with 37.5® technology allowed athletes to go 26% longer at their lactate threshold than in a wicking shirt. How? By keeping the athlete’s core cool, pulling the moisture away from the body in the vapor stage, which delays the onset of liquid sweat, and its exhausting effects on your game.

37.5 technology fabrics can provide high school athletes with the same exceptional performance available to elite athletes so they can train and perform at higher levels, and do so more comfortably. Increased breathability, faster dry times, and delayed onset of sweating due to moisture vapor management all work to reduce thermal heat stress and increase comfort so you don’t bonk. Active cooling and the extra 26% can be the difference between a W and an L on the schedule.

What could 26% more do for your game?  Find out by testing out 37.5 gear from these brands: Mission apparel for training and cross-country runningInaria for soccerBauer for hockey, and Babolat for tennis.

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